Querceto is especially dedicated to artists, to those who seek inspiration, love, and harmony. It’s a place for meditation, a place to contemplate nature, and to rediscover the elements. 

The initial renovation of the outside of Podere Querceto was carried out following the principles of Feng Shui  in order to exalt the energetic qualities of the spot. This explains the dedication!

Completely renovated in 2015.

Querceto is dedicated to those who love to relax and to totally regenerate their minds. It’s a place for leisure seekers and star hunters!

While renovating, we intentionally kept all the characteristics of a Tuscan home: handmade terracotta tiles, chestnut beams, and typical furnishings.

We used local artisans for the renovation, artists specialized in wood and ceramics, and traditional Tuscan wrought iron.

There must be continuity between a country home and the outdoors. It must repropose the lietmotiv of the scenery in which it lies and be one with the unpredictability of  nature. Podere Querceto offer you the luxury of a five stars hotel in a very traditional Tuscany country environment. Only three rooms will offer you the chance to stay like in a private villa, in a typical corner of Tuscany.

Welcome to Querceto!

2020 from 1th of August to 10th of November.




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Email: info@podere-querceto.it

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